Oracle and Microsoft Announce Historic Cross-Cloud Partnership

Oracle and Microsoft Announce Historic Cross-Cloud Partnership

Oracle and Microsoft announced a huge cloud partnership this month, and it’s a really exciting evolution for enterprises who are in both SQL Server and Oracle environments. For now, it looks like the cross-cloud capabilities only supports the Azure US East or  Oracle’s Ashburn data center, but the potential is a big relief to those of us who manage large data estates with both workloads.

New capabilities available today outlined in the Microsoft press release include:

  1. “Connect Azure and Oracle Cloud seamlessly, allowing customers to extend their on-premises datacenters to both clouds. This direct interconnect is available starting today in Ashburn (North America) and Azure US East, with plans to expand additional regions in the future.
  2. Unified identity and access management, via a unified single sign-on experience and automated user provisioning, to manage resources across Azure and Oracle Cloud. Also available in early preview today, Oracle applications can use Azure Active Directory as the identity provider and for conditional access.
  3. Supported deployment of custom applications and packaged Oracle applications (JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Oracle Retail, Hyperion) on Azure with Oracle databases (RAC, Exadata, Autonomous Database) deployed in Oracle Cloud. The same Oracle applications will also be certified to run on Azure with Oracle databases in Oracle Cloud.
  4. A collaborative support model to help IT organizations deploy these new capabilities while enabling them to leverage existing customer support relationships and processes.
  5. Oracle Database will continue to be certified to run in Azure on various operating systems, including Windows Server and Oracle Linux.”

This is a massive benefit to Oracle Cloud customers who will now have access to the feature-rich environment of Azure. Oracle’s cloud is relatively new, with only 6B in revenue in 2018 as compared to Azure’s staggering 21.2B <source>.

Microsoft and Oracle: Secure Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Not only do we encourage this cross-cloud collaboration to help make managing and optimizing workloads easier, but this partnership creates the perfect opportunity to leverage both environments in Hybrid strategies. Choosing one cloud to hold primary production workloads and another as the secondary failover strengthening security and backup strtaegies of both clouds. It also gives a strong option of removing AWS as the secondary option, which is nothing but a win for Microsoft in this highly competitive cloud market.

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