Our experienced data professionals provide business-critical expertise to meet the mission of healthcare providers to provide the very best patient care.


We are all human, so it’s not a matter of if we need healthcare, but when. The team at Fortified knows that a person’s well-being can change within seconds. And that healthcare providers rely on data to make quick decisions that help them provide the best for every patient. We partner with our healthcare clients so they can guarantee patients will receive services and modern technologies that abide by all compliance requirements – to improve operations and deliver superlative care.

Learn how Fortified helped healthcare providers:

  • Fortified engaged with a healthcare messaging client who was challenged by several stability issues. We partnered with them to stabilize matters while increasing their server availability to 99.995% and to ensure their systems could scale to meet the challenges of COVID-19.
  • Another healthcare client needed our help scaling critical platforms that are regulated by the FDA. They had multiple racks of artificial hearts continuously pumping fluid that simulated the viscosity of blood. The systems had been running for 8+ years without ever once being turned off. We partnered with them to optimize the stability and performance of the LOB doing the testing within a custom designed system meeting the FDA’s expectations.
  • A large Meaningful Use client project required Fortified’s expertise in creating an entire platform while executing a data migration. We designed analytical metrics to successfully meet the Meaningful Use requirements within the healthcare industry.
  • Fortified has also applied changes to fix business-critical issues for a large prescription company so they could grow and move forward with a business merger that made it possible for them to continue providing patient services under tight deadlines and budgets.
  • We have also successfully scaled a healthcare vendor application and an atypical business model that enabled hundreds of thousands of transactions to be processed per second.

Our Clients Include

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