Our data professionals provide strategic business-critical expertise to meet the growth plans of retail clients while personalizing customer experiences.


Around the world, trends are constantly shifting. What is popular one day may not be popular the next. And with consumers constantly moving from shopping in-store to online, each retailer requires an advantage or insight that gives them leverage to keep customers returning. Fortified knows that retailers rely heavily on data to manage everything from inventory to market demands and customer experience. We empower our retail clients with the services and tools needed to deliver great shopping experiences that become more personalized and surprising to every type of customer.

Learn how Fortified helped retail companies:

  • A global dot com engaged Fortified to design their data center strategy around High Availability for continuous operation for long periods of time. Fortified also partnered with them on their Microsoft SQL server Disaster Recovery strategy for vital infrastructure and systems.
  • Billion-dollar retailer needed Fortified’s help to fix potentially crippling data corruption issues. Within 24-hours were able to locate and repair the problem while stabilizing and optimizing for the future.
  • Fortified also worked with another global dot com on their capacity planning predictions/calculations to ensure retail plan for exponential growth increases to meet online volumes.
  • Direct Sales Organizations needed to scale their high growth in order to support their inventory and payment processing systems during peak sales cycle. Drawing from our years of working within these platforms, Fortified was able to optimize and tune their inventory and payment processing systems to scale from 2x to 10x or more. We have case studies showcasing our ability to take a system from 20 gigs to 20 TBs – supporting top salespeople with 20,000 associates reporting up to them – where the speed of running reports is critical.

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