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Database Security: What Is It & How to Keep Your Database Secure

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Database Subsetting: Optimizing Application Testing

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Embracing Efficiency and Creativity in the Modern Development Era 🧠

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Ways Business Intelligence Consulting Can Grow Your Business

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Steps and Benefits of Migrating Oracle to OCI

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The Challenges of Migrating Oracle to OCI

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Power BI Datamarts: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business Users

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SQL Server Upgrades

SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Ahead

Ask any Database Administrator about why organizations large and small tend to procrastinate about SQL Server upgrades and you’ll hear similar replies: “upgrades are painful, upgrades are difficult,” “everything breaks.” So instead of going through the process of upgrading, they ignore it until it creates a roadblock.
Creating a SQL Server Maintenance Plan

Key Recommendations for Creating a SQL Server Maintenance Plan

Our SQL Server maintenance tips and recommendations will keep your databases healthy. Includes considerations around data protection, index maintenance, data integrity, data patching and more.
Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

Designing a Successful Database Backup Strategy

Ben DeBow and Fortified Data share how to design a successful database backup strategy for troubleshooting system failures.