Data Tier Assessment

A Database Assessment is the first step in understanding your environment’s current status by providing an actionable overview to reveal what’s healthy, what’s not, and what needs to be immediately addressed across an entire data tier and how to get it done.

Fortified provides various database assessments for SQL Server and Oracle that identify what’s going well and what can be improved and then delivers a comprehensive roadmap to scale the enterprise while minimizing the risks. Through the comprehensive assessment, you’ll receive a full-scale data tier analysis with recommendations leading to scalability, reduced costs, and performance improvement; capacity planning for greater operational efficient and business success; and specific actions in a ranked and weighted roadmap action plan.

  • Identifies Service Level Agreements (SLA) and in-scope servers.
  • Analyzes configuration, performance, and metadata data for current database applications.
  • Evaluates the current strategy for deploying and supporting the database server.
  • Examines a data environment’s high availability, disaster recovery, and administrative and operational processes.
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