The Vital Role of Database SQL Server Capacity Planning
SQL Server

The world is in the midst of a data revolution. The world’s data is expected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, which is five times more than in 2010. As businesses increasingly operate in data-rich environments, scaling and managing this deluge of data effectively is a key concern. Planning the capacity of databases is […]

Database Subsetting: Optimizing Application Testing

In today’s fast-paced digital world, quality assurance and efficient testing methodologies are crucial elements of any successful software development project. A cornerstone technique for developers and database administrators (DBAs) alike is database subsetting. This strategy not only minimizes the overhead of testing environments but also preserves the quality and integrity of the testing process. What […]

Embracing Efficiency and Creativity in the Modern Development Era 🧠

Remember the good old days when we had to code on ancient 386 or 486 desktops? Those machines had a mere 1 CPU and a paltry 128MB of memory. It’s fascinating to reflect on how far we’ve come. Nowadays, each developer is equipped with a shiny new laptop boasting 4 to 8 vCPUs, 8GB or […]

The Case for SQL Server 2022: Top Features and the Power of Data Analysis
SQL Server

As businesses grapple with ever-increasing volumes of data, the need for robust and efficient data management platforms has never been more critical. Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022, the latest iteration of their flagship database system, is stepping up to address this challenge. Packed with a slew of innovative features and enhancements, this release is setting new […]

Benefits of Retail Business Intelligence in Today’s Market
Business Intelligence

No matter what division of retail you are in, understanding customer behavior and market trends is integral for business success and overall business growth. With competition in the industry growing each day and trends constantly shifting, retailers need to make data-driven decision to remain competitive. And that is where retail business intelligence steps through the […]

Are You Leveraging Your DBA’s Expertise? Why Managed Service Providers Are Key to Unlocking DBA Business Value
Core Health

The future for database administrators (DBAs) is bright, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. At a median pay of $101,000 annually, the job growth outlook for DBAs is outpacing the average growth rate of all occupations by 80 percent and the projected number of new DBA jobs over the next 10 […]

Ways Business Intelligence Consulting Can Grow Your Business

Today’s business climate is fast-paced and competitive. Data has become a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes and it is essential for success. Data is consistently growing at exponential rates, and many businesses are not fully tapping into the power of all their data. It can be overwhelming for businesses to leverage each piece […]

Database Consulting and Managed Services at the Airport
Core Health

Database Consulting and Managed Services at the Airport: Maximize Your Database Infrastructure Investment and Elevate Your Passenger Experience Every day, more than 3.5 exabytes/quintillion bytes (or 3.5 exabytes) of data are created … that’s 18 zeroes. So, what does that look like? According to Backblaze, you would have had to start recording a video call […]

End of SQL Server Support Leads to Opportunities
SQL Server

The end of SQL Server support can be a cause for concern, but it also presents opportunities for organizations to optimize their database environment and incorporate new technology features into their service offerings around data. As Microsoft’s support lifecycle for SQL Server comes to an end, organizations may become vulnerable to security risks and other […]

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