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Fortified provides the analytics and access to meaningful data you need to support your clients’ financial needs. We work with clients of all sizes and complexities – and each gets the benefit of our past experiences.


The constant pressure for banks and financial services to keep pace with customer demand and emerging technology is ongoing. Fortified is here to make sure that your needs are met – from managing databases housing confidential customer information to professional services for visualization of data analytics investment choice visualization.

Our experience in shifting information securely and migrating data to the Cloud is unrivaled. Implementing automation transforms and empowers your systems to maintain productivity and positive customer experiences, so you can keep your focus on supporting your clients’ investments and financial needs.

Learn how Fortified helped financial services companies:

  • Many Financial Services clients engage Fortified to help them stabilize, optimize, and scale their credit card processing systems – to keep up with processing volumes and meet high growth Service Level objectives.
  • A top credit card company partnered with Fortified to optimize and migrate all of their credit card payment systems within a certain line of business. Fortified completed those complex projects within budget. Since the upgrade, they went from up to 30 days behind in reporting to never more than 60 minutes behind – even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday peaks.
  • Another credit card processing client was down for three days with major issues after trying to refactor their transactional systems with a less-than-solid approach. Fortified had their system back up and running within one hour of being called and running optimally within 24 hours.
  • For one of the top 3 banks, Fortified wrote a widget for 6,500 bank branch locations in the United States as part of migrating their data to SQL Server, impacting 70,000+ tellers.
  • Fortified’s expertise includes scaling and increasing the availability of platform systems. A major online retailer partnered with Fortified to scale exponentially from 2x-to-10x.
  • Fortified created and designed the Global Data Platforms on the SQL Server used by 3 of the world’s largest banks, processing billions of transactions a day and an average consolidation ratio of 40%.

“Having Fortified on my team gives me a competitive advantage”


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