Introducing the Fortified Way – Fortified Data’s New Brand & How We Are Paving the Way as a Leading Managed Service Provider

Our New Brand

Fortified Data is consistently changing to not only keep up with the changing aspects of data but to stay ahead of it. At Fortified Data,  we have rolled out new service offerings and developed revolutionary database tools that enable our managed service clients to almost forget they have databases. As we continue to push the limits, we have also updated our branding to align with who we are as the next-generation managed service provider and consulting service.

The FORTIFIED brand contains dual meanings and interpretations that relate specifically to the integrity and innovation that is so vital to enterprise data. Our brand embodies one meaning of strength, security, and reinforcement all the while also embodying the meaning of enrichment, improvement, and increasing capabilities.

As prospective and current clients get to know who we are, they discover we are in many ways unconventional because we take on the challenges in innovative ways that are not offered by other full-stack IT partners. You can trust us to get the job done and “answer the bell” no matter when it rings to meet you where you are on your data journey. Our deep experience in providing successful solutions gives us the bold conviction to move forward undaunted and always ready.

The Fortified Way

As a next-generation managed service provider and data consultant, Fortified Data has stood out among the rest for over 10 years. We are a results-driven organization that bases our success on our client’s success.

From small businesses to large enterprises in a variety of industries, we work with you and meet you where you are to move you forward on your data journey so that we can aid in you reaching your business goals. Whether you simply need data management or a comprehensive data strategy, FORTIFIED can help with managed services, or work closely with you to create a strategic roadmap to take your organization to the next level.

Through our database managed services, Fortified takes clients on a journey from stability to scalability and delivers new database capabilities. Overall, we improve platform stability, reducing outages and increasing uptime; optimize performance and enable an analytics environment; empower your teams with high-impact capabilities for a greater return on investment.

Database Managed Services and Professional Services / Consulting Services

At Fortified Data, we offer next-generation database-managed services that are unique to each and every one of our clients because of the customizable aspects of the service. We pride ourselves on the fact that our services are not forcing our clients to meet us, but instead, we meet each client’s individual needs.

As we continue growing our database managed services, we will be launching new offerings to our managed service clients. Soon, we will be opening our managed service dashboard via a client portal that will allow clients to see visuals of the health and stability of their databases. Fortified Data’s Core Health® database managed service is based on the similarity of our core health. Therefore, just as a physician or fitness specialist would provide you access to a portal for you to view your health charts, Fortified Data is offering the same, so that you can see the health charts of your databases in a clear, readable, and visually appealing way. Fortified will also be releasing monthly health reports to our managed service clients that keep them up to date on the health of their servers, recent tickets, updates that have occurred, etc.

Fortified Data also offers data consulting services – on-demand expertise from experienced data specialists. We assist clients with their unique business needs from scaling data, to increasing speed, to creating a customized plan to aid in finding cost-effective solutions for any database challenge. Our offerings include but are not limited to, Cloud – Azure and AWSData Analytics/Business Intelligence Services, and Custom Database Services.

Our database consulting services are designed to meet the individual needs of worldwide enterprises no matter how big or small.

Looking Towards the Future

Our rebrand is only a part of the bigger picture that is the FORTIFIED way. We are consistently changing to stay ahead of what is happening in the data world so that our clients can not only maintain efficiency but keep improving it for their customers.

As we look towards the future, we are developing tools to be used for our managed service clients as well as products that will soon be available for purchase so that businesses can utilize their own internal IT teams and improve their productivity. This product is going to be like no other, and we are excited to move closer and closer to its launch as the year progresses.

To keep up to date with what is happening at FORTIFIED, make sure to follow us on our social on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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