Cloud – Azure And AWS

Fortified helps navigate your journey to the Cloud.

We keep ourselves at the forefront of the Cloud evolution so that your data transformation is seamless.

Fortified Data’s Cloud Consulting Services provide clients with creative solutions, new insights, and extensive guidance. Our experts consult with you to develop Cloud strategy, optimization, migration, and assessments. With vast experience working in a variety of database environments such as Azure and AWS, we take pride in taking on high-risk projects that lead to our client’s receiving optimal results in a cost-effective manner.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment

Strategic initiatives and guidance to aid you in reducing IT waste and consolidating databases and instances

Cloud Architecture

The foundation is just as important as what you migrate to the Cloud. Fortified provides you optimal Cloud Strategy to building the best architecture to best support your business.

Data and Application Migrations

Performing and validation of data and application migrations for mission-critical, enterprise applications

DevOps & Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous integration and environment automation critical to developing efficiencies in today’s data ecosystems + transformation of servers to increase speed and building of an infrastructure that is easy to scale as data grows

Data Analytics

Producing transformative analytics to assist clients in maximizing upon the value of their data

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