Database Consulting Services

Fortified’s Professional Services provide on-demand expertise from experienced data professionals

Gain Greater Efficiencies
Scale to meet growth or optimize an existing system

Reduce Costs by Optimizing
Optimize database workloads for cloud applications


1,000%+ Performance Gains
Achieve overnight performance gains by tuning code and indexes


  • Baseline the database workload
  • Optimized code and processes
  • Reduce costs while increasing performance

Automated Database Migrations
Freeing valuable resources to focus on more critical issues

Up to 75% Consolidation Ratio
Optimize and Reduce the server and licensing footprint while migrating to the future state architecture

Optimized Architecture for Data
Ensuring mission-critical workloads scale to meet business processes


  • High-Level Project Plan
  • Reference Architecture
  • Migration Build Out and Implementation
  • Post-Migration Support

Data Visualization
Essential information at the most integral time

Data Analytics
Using data to illuminate a clear understanding

Data Movement
Identify the source of truth to stage data in the Data Warehouse


  • Modern Data Platform Architecture
  • Dashboards and Reporting Solutions
  • Data Migration (ETL/ELT Solutions)
  • Data Warehouse (Traditional and Cloud)

Data Recovery
Assistance with recovery from corruption and data loss

Blocking and Deadlock Resolution
Finding the root cause of the event and suggesting resolutions to prevent recurrence and improve concurrency

Risk Reduction
Identifying risk factors and/or potential points of failure and how to mitigate them (Security, HA/DR, Jobs)


  • Short and Long-Terms Recommendations for Stability, Scalability and Reliability – identify the solution, offer potential solutions, and mitigate future issues
  • Resource Contention Resolution which lead to increased system resiliency and improve workload and transactional volumes
  • Systematic Problem Solutions

Service Availability & Continuity
Increasing the uptime of your database servers by designing around security, reliability, scalability and performance

Scaled Databases for Your Business Growth
Detailed architecture drawings, documentation and deployment packages designed to scale with your business

High Availability / Data Recovery (HA/DR) Planning
Going beyond back-ups to protect against attacks and yield rapid recovery while staying within security and compliance requirements


  • Production-ready architecture built for best practices
  • Future state architecture for the SQL Server and Oracle environment
  • Customized Back-Up Plan Fit to Your Recovery Objectives Back-Up Plan customized to your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives (DR)
  • Right-sizing database server architectures