A Core Health® Journey: Increasing Capabilities Around Data

On the final destination of the Core Health® journey, the Fortified Data team wants to take you beyond your environment’s Availability and providing you Scalability. Most organizations can work with clients to achieve the former, but Fortified Data possesses unique expertise and experience that enables us to be a catalyst for change and work with the client on their Strategic Data Roadmap. By having Fortified Data as a strategic IT partner, clients can empower their teams with more capabilities, take on higher-impact work, and focus on the ROI that drives their business. Moving past Availability and Scalability in the Core Health® journey, we move to the final destination – CAPABILITY.

Our Focus on Capability

The team at Fortified Data works with clients to identify what can be achieved in growth and strategy by looking at data. Initial conversations with our clients help both parties to delve deeper into their goals and objectives to see what their business will ideally look like over the next few years. Working in partnership with the client on their Data Strategy, we aid them in seeing what their data capabilities could be around data and factor in what would allow them to not only vie with their competition but to surpass them without looking backward.

A solid foundation is just as critical in Cloud as it is in designing the data model that will support your mission-critical applications. Some businesses fail to see the design approach that has changed for cloud infrastructure. At Fortified, we design and build with the goal of migrating clients’ applications and databases to cloud services. With Fortified Data’s skill set, we are able to work with clients long term to help them define their Cloud Strategy and execute on that vision as a project or over the course of our managed services relationship.

We are a team that does not simply engage with clients on a one-off basis; we work with our clients as long-term allies to assist in developing the capabilities of their data environments and helping them grow based on the data provided. Whether it’s moving to the Cloud, implementing interactive reporting and analytics, or developing automation, we help modernize and enhance client environments.

What We’ve Done

Fortified Data has the ability to work with any client in a variety of fields. Over the past years, we have worked with financial companies, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and retail companies. And our experience does not stop there. Any field that you may think of, Fortified Data has engaged with a client within that field to help them migrate into the modern age of data and grow the capabilities of their servers.

In one instance, Fortified Data engaged with a vehicle fleet intelligence company that provides customers with key business insights. The company’s customers need real-time data and reports to make on-the-spot decisions. They decided to partner with the Fortified Data team to design the next generation of their Data Warehousing systems and add the Capability to deliver additional data analytics through a rich visualization layer.

Team Fortified Data went beyond providing assurance that real-time data would be captured, stored, and analyzed. They partnered with the company’s internal IT team to create visual insights that would provide analytics that could be easily read by the company’s customers. And as with many of our clients, the success of this engagement led to further projects where Fortified Data was able to showcase their server capabilities and show that the client’s original goals were minor compared to their true potential.

Our Goals Surrounding Capability

At Fortified Data, we make sure that your servers stay highly Available, can Scale to handle the peak workload and push the envelope on what is possible around your Capabilities for data. We are highly motivated in ensuring that our client’s needs are not only met but surpassed. Additionally, we work alongside our clients to create a clear vision of what the company can become by better utilizing data to drive business decisions.

Our long-term relationships have aided us in creating the Core Health® service and have also placed Fortified Data in a position to develop tools and services that are not offered by other competitors. As we continue to grow, our clients grow right along with us as they are our cherished partners that we want to see succeed as our clients are our top priority.

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