How We Can Make Your Databases Athletes

How We Can Make Your Databases Athletes: The History of Core Health®

When you think of your health, what are the things that you do every day to keep yourself healthy and strong? Maybe you go to the gym, or simply take a walk around your local park. Maybe you take a daily vitamin or drink a protein shake. There are numerous things that we do to keep ourselves able-bodied because we want to live our lives to the fullest and keep writing our own stories.

Team Fortified Data knows the importance of health and database optimization and, in our own everyday lives, we focus on making sure that we maintain our self-defined healthy lifestyles. Our CEO, Ben DeBow, champions this lifestyle, and it is his decisions that have helped Fortified Data construct the Core Health® services.

Ben, an avid hiker and biker, was at his local gym when his new trainer asked him whether he had been focusing on strengthening is core. This led Ben to pause and think about what he was doing in his fitness routine around his Core Health®. Was he doing the right exercises to build up those core muscles? But, that is not the only thing Ben’s trainer was referring to. Most of the time, we think of our core as the outwardly abdominal area, but there are layers underneath that also need to be considered. Our core goes deeper and includes whether we are keeping ourselves hydrated, whether we are providing ourselves with the right nutrients, and whether we are staying abreast of the food that we are putting into our bodies.

After having a conversation with his trainer about the intricacies of Core Health®, Ben began considering the similarities between our bodies and technology. Most individuals know there are critical processes in place to keep servers and data healthy, but what they don’t know is what is missing in their database optimization processes that can make the servers more stable, predictable, reliable, and available. They may be unaware of what will make the server or database stronger and provide it a stronger core long term, so it can scale to handle your Peak Workload. Core Health® was born due to this lack of awareness. It was developed to ensure businesses that their systems can be stronger and hence, highly Available, highly Scalable, and ready to take on any challenge with increased Capabilities.

Databases and servers are similar to the human body, and Ben recognized that. Like our bodies, servers and databases require training and nutrients which are delivered through Fortified Data’s Core Health® services. At Fortified, we focus on making sure we understand the true health of each system and work on creating a Core Health® Roadmap so the Fortified DBAs know the training regiments and goals that the server must accomplish.

We take into account the workload, business and technology goals, and the unique data of each individual client. It is because of this holistic approach, when dealing with databases, that our team is able to transform clients and their servers into the data athletes they strive to be.

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