Power BI Datamarts: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business Users

Introduction to Power BI Datamarts For everyday business function, Power BI Datamarts are positioned to become a strong wielding component to help bridge the gap between business users and the IT team. This new feature in Power BI allows for business users to extract data from different sources, define relationships, and store and explore that […]

SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Aheads
SQL Server, Technical

Ask any Database Administrator about why organizations large and small tend to procrastinate about SQL Server upgrades and you’ll hear similar replies: “upgrades are painful, upgrades are difficult,” “everything breaks.” So instead of going through the process of upgrading, they ignore it until it creates a roadblock.

Top 5 Reasons to Assess Your SQL Servers Quarterly
SQL Server

How often should you assess your servers? Our answer is quarterly, and here are the top 5 reasons of why

Introducing the Fortified Way – Fortified Data’s New Brand & How We Are Paving the Way as a Leading Managed Service Provider
Core Health

As Fortified Data continues to push limits, we align our branding with who we are as a next-generation managed service provider & consulting service.

SQL Server Monitoring: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Database Monitoring and Management
SQL Server

Fortified Data breaks down the difference between reactive and proactive SQL server database monitoring and which is preferable for your business.

Key Recommendations for Creating a SQL Server Maintenance Plan
SQL Server, Technical

Our SQL Server maintenance tips and recommendations will keep your databases healthy. Includes considerations around data protection, index maintenance, data integrity, data patching and more.

What to Look for in a Database Managed Service Provider
Core Health

When it comes to choosing a database managed service provider for your business, Fortified Data knows the key elements you should look for.

How We Can Make Your Databases Athletes: The History of Core Health®
Core Health

Fortified Data works with you on database optimization and look at the intricacies of your databases to build them to strong Core Health®.

A Core Health® Journey: Increasing Capabilities Around Data
Core Health

At Fortified Data, we take you through a full Core Health® journey where at the end of that journey we show you how to increase capabilities around data.